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Creative Arts Classes

Creative Arts Classes

At WAW, all our classes are faith-based and as such is compliant with Islamic guidance and principles. The themes covered in our drama and singing classes will be centred on historic Islamic events and stories derived from the Quran. Our Arts classes similarly cover themes such as Islamic calligraphy, geometry and the evolution of art influenced by Islam.

WAW focuses on creating a fun and energetic environment for our students. Our teachers and assistants ensures a warm and friendly welcome to the class and every child feels engaged with and is given the opportunity to express themselves.

All our teaching staff are suitably qualified for their respective roles and receive consultation from the management team at the school to ensure compliance with the school's principles is maintained at all times.

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Upcoming Dates & Times

January 2021
Saturday 9th 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 16th 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 23rd 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 30th 12:40 - 14:40
February 2021
Saturday 6th 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 13th 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 27th 12:40 - 14:40
March 2021
Saturday 6th 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 13th 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 20th 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 27th 12:40 - 14:40
April 2021
Saturday 24th 12:40 - 14:40
May 2021
Saturday 1st 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 8th 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 15th 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 22nd 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 29th 12:40 - 14:40
June 2021
Saturday 12th 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 19th 12:40 - 14:40
Saturday 26th 12:40 - 14:40
Muslimah Sports Association
Muslimah Sports Association

Muslimah Sports Association (MSA) is a non-profit organisation that is committed to providing opportunities and empowerment through sports to Muslim and BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) women. We are a team of volunteers that have dedicated time to manage various sessions to make them rewarding for you. Muslimah Sports Association provides sports activities for women in an environment which does not compromise religious or cultural beliefs. We work closely with national governing bodies, local authorities and sports organisations; community and faith groups; local clubs, and charities. We strongly believe that all women, especially Muslim and BAME women, should have the freedom to participate in any sports without limitations or prejudice. We want to be at the forefront of creating an outlet where Muslim and BAME women can be individuals! MSA want to increase the participation for women at all levels, whether volunteering, participating, coaching or refereeing.

Yui-Shin Karate Dojo
Yui-Shin Karate Dojo

Ever been interested in martial arts? Thought about learning but never had a chance? We will be very happy to assist you to take the first step into learning and practising this wonderful form of art as it will undoubtedly let you grow in so many different ways. Children (6yrs+) Mon & Thurs 7-8pm Two instructors plus our advanced students help each child learn this complex art step by step. Adults Mon 8-9pm Thu 8-9pm (5th kyu+ till 9:30pm) Designed to improve each individual's fitness and abilities by combining body conditioning, stretching and muscular training with traditional Karate techniques.